Welcome to LearningChem. My aim is to write about the fundamentals of pre-university level chemistry (equivalent to A-level, IBDP and AP) supplementing what is normally provided in standard textbooks and online resources. The site would be of interest mainly to:

  • Students already on a pre-university course who want to know more
  • University students taking their first chemistry course/module, who want to review some of the basics
  • Early-career tertiary-level chemistry teachers looking for ways to explain the more difficult concepts

Some prior knowledge, outlined at the beginning of each article, is expected. If you have only just started learning chemistry then you may find the pace of the articles challenging.

As a sample of what is presented, can you see that this molecule is chiral but has no chiral centres? We will be exploring this and many other aspects.

Chiral biphenyls

Currently, there are 17 articles available. If you are using a mobile or tablet device then you may need to scroll through the topics list to access all articles. More information about my background and what to expect can be found on the About and Contact pages. I hope these articles will be of help.

Good luck with your studies!

James Apps MChem, PhD, MRSC