General expectations

I am developing this website during my spare time and for free so I would like to list some expectations.

  • I do not intend on preparing these articles in other formats and prefer to use only one format, in my case as a website, which is easy to update. Please do not expect printer-friendly or PDF versions.
  • LearningChem is offered under the Creative Commons License. You may share and adapt the resources provided. Give credit and provide a link when adapting the resources for your own work. Commercial use is not permitted.
  • Catering for all readers is difficult and one can always find areas to improve. I certainly welcome comments and suggestions from students and teachers but please remember what my primary goals are for LearningChem.
  • To the students: if you find something unclear, please ask your teacher/tutor to read the appropriate article and advise you before you contact me. I periodically review my articles to make sure they read well, however, it is still possible that I have missed something or could improve the presentation.
  • I am not sure how comprehensive LearningChem will become but if there are enough requests for a particular topic then I will certainly consider it. Please note that LearningChem is not intended to be developed like an ongoing journal showcasing the latest developments in chemistry for pre-university students. LearningChem is all about explaining the fundamentals.

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