Subscribing: RSS and ATOM news feeds

At the bottom of every page is an RSS and ATOM news feed icon which stores the current link to a list of the latest articles uploaded to LearningChem. If you want to be notified about when new articles are released without having to visit LearningChem then you will need to subscribe to either the RSS feed or ATOM feed.

Some web browsers can detect RSS and ATOM feeds automatically. If your web browser does not detect either feed below then you will need to install an RSS or ATOM feed add-on/plugin/extension. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have a range of news feed plugins to choose from. Search for and open "Firefox Add-on" or "Chrome Web Store" from any search engine and then search for "RSS" or "ATOM". Pick an add-on or extension that has received positive feedback and install.

Once installed, right-click either the RSS or ATOM icon (both offer the same functionality) and select either "Copy Link Location" in Firefox or "Copy link address" in Chrome and paste the link into the news feed reader. This should then present a list of the articles which have been uploaded to LearningChem. Your RSS/ATOM news feed reader should then notify you when new articles have been uploaded.